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  What do we Sell? 
" Toilet Paper, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue and Other Products such as In-Room Supplies, Facility Supplies, and Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Products" 



How can you really make money online? 


The basic of selling a product starts from the initial efforts, made by the salesperson, to call the prospect and calling the prospect is one of the primary tasks that come in hit and miss sales effort.


Then, the next phase is the demo session; This determines the selling power and proficiency of the sales rep., to bound the prospect into buying the product.


"Direct sales" means selling a product or service directly to the consumer. Most companies selling a product or service today have their own affiliate programs.


The early years of direct sales were hard work, as the commissions earned were made only on what the salesperson sold via his one on one meetings and sales presentations.


It didn't take long before the salesperson realized that if he visited more prospects, he could sell the product and could receive a commission from those sales, and as a return, he could increase the sales of the product and his own income could increase proportionately.


The digital sales in the form of online e-commerce opened up new ways of selling as shopping online is the easiest way to shop at the comfort of any one time, and is providing the consumer alternatives to distant shopping.


The conventional mode of the door to door selling has lost momentum as the amazing shopping experience of digital online sales continuously increases in providing consumer satisfaction.


With so many online options available the tasks of the sales representatives, sales manager, and marketing professional is entirely transformed into more tech-enabled sales management plan, involving the use of the affiliate marketing and automated sales tools, ai sales.


The information technology has powered the salesperson with the affiliate marketing tools that accelerates, the sales time by being able to offer the product to more customers in less time, using social media channels and other networking platforms.


Now, You can Earn Extra Income Selling Away from Home Paper Supply and Consumer Paper Supply Products such as TP, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue, Paper Napkins and Other Restroom Facility Janitorial Cleaning and Tissue Supply Paper Products by promoting our Affiliated Links via your Facebook page, your Instagram feed, your Twitter newsfeed, your Linkedin profile, your Tumblr page, your Blogger page, your Pinterest collection, etc.



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